Shotcrete for Underground Support XIII: New Developments in Rock Engineering, Tunneling, Underground Space and Deep Excavation

An ECI Conference Series

September 3-6, 2017
Kloster Irsee (near Augsburg)
Irsee, Germany


About This Conference

The 13th International Conference on Shotcrete for Underground Support (ECI SUS XIII) will be held in Germany in 2017. This event is co-organized by Engineering Conferences International (ECI) and the Institute for Underground Engineering (IuB), University of Applied Sciences Münster.

ECI SUS XIII aims to pool the consolidated efforts from engineers, researchers and project managers from across the world in order to share and update state-of-the-art technology and best practices in rock engineering, rock support methods, TBM tunneling and deep excavation.


ITA – International Tunnel Association (President Prof. Tarcisio Celestino)


  • Developments in shotcrete technology for soft ground tunneling and subsea tunnels
  • Developments in TBM, deep excavation and underground technology
  • Shotcrete reinforces design
  • Mechanical properties of shotcrete installation under elevated temperature and corrosion environment
  • Methods & equipment for shotcrete installation
  • Laboratory test, on-site quality and repair shotcrete
  • Numerical simulation of tunnel support with shotcrete
  • TBM tunneling in challenging ground conditions
  • Developments in rock tunneling and rock blasting
  • Interaction shotcrete and sealing system
  • Grouting and water control for tunnels
  • Application Eurocode in tunneling
  • New technology in rock exploration and site investigation
  • Development in fibre reinforces shotcrete
  • Case studies

Conference Organization


Professor Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Mähner, Institute for Underground Construction, FH Münster, Germany

Dr.-Ing. Matthias Beisler, ILF Consulting Engineers, Asia (Thailand)

Professor Dr.-Ing. Frank Heimbecher, Institute for Underground Construction, FH Münster, Germany

Conference Program

Conference Program

Organ Recital Program

Conference Photos

Herbert Klapperich, Matthias Beisler, Barbara Hickernell, Dietmar Mähner

Herbert Klapperich, Matthias Beisler, Barbara Hickernell, Dietmar Mähner


Group Nature Walk

Group Nature Walk

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