Single-use Technologies II: Bridging Polymer Science to Biotechnology Applications

An ECI Conference Series

May 7-10, 2017
Hotel dos Templários
Tomar, Portugal

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About This Conference

Single Use Technology is being used more each year in the biotechnology industry. There is an increased interest in understanding the interaction of extractables with protein and cells as the application of the technology now span from cell banking to drug product. The first science-based conference in 2015 was well attended (approximately 100 people) and had representatives from end users, academia and suppliers (resin, film, sensors, single use components fabricators, and gamma radiation). The conference achieved its aim of initiating positive, scientific, collaborative discussions between various functional areas. This conference will be a continuation of a few topics addressed in 2015, which will be covered in greater depth, while expanding the discussion to novel technologies such as disposable sensors and application of single use and scale-up issues. It is imperative that all groups work together collaboratively to allow implementation of single use technology to reach its potential. In order for better understanding and communication among various functional areas, half-day pre-conference workshops will address the basics of biotechnology and polymers.

The following is a preliminary list of topics to be covered:

Pre-Conference Workshop

1)    Basics of Biotechnology
2)    Basics of Polymers


  • Properties of polymers as applicable to Biopharma
  • The infamous Extractables/Leachables
  • Interaction of Plastic with Cells/protein
  • Sensors and their integration/use with single use technology
  • Challenges of scale-up of single use
  • Advances in application of single use technology

Workshops/Panel Discussions

Multiple parallel workshops are possible and will be defined by the organizing committee. Topics could include:  “Advances in Single Use”, “Standardization of GMP requirements”, “Flexibility in Single Use Components”, “Continuous processing and Single Use”, “Environmental impact of single-use’, “Single-Use in Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacture”, “Training needs in single-use”, “Selection and Specification of Single-Use Equipment,” etc.

American Chemical Society Report on the 2015 ECI conference on this topic.

BioProcess International Report on the 2015 ECI conference on this topic.

Confirmed Keynote Speakers

Manuel Carrondo

Jay F. Künzler

Conference Organization


Ekta Mahajan, Genentech, Inc., USA
Gary Lye, University College London, UK
Regine Eibl, Zurich University of Applied Science, Switzerland

Abstract Submission

Deadline for abstracts for oral presentations:             January 15, 2017

Deadline for abstracts for poster presentations:         March 1, 2017

One-page abstracts should be submitted as soon as possible and no later than the deadlines noted above.  The abstract should include both the significance of the research as well as results that will be discussed in order to allow a scientific assessment of the work by the organizers.

Submissions for oral presentations must indicate the session(s) for which they are being submitted.

All abstracts should be submitted electronically and submissions must follow the template provided at this link.

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Conference Venue

Tomar, Portugal– Situated in the geographic center of Portugal, Tomar (about 135 km northeast of Lisbon) was founded by the notorious Knights Templar in 1160. The Templars were part monks, part warriors and plotted crusades from Tomar for centuries. They established the beginnings of the Convento de Cristo, Tomar’s most famous landmark, on a hill overlooking town. The Convento combines architectural styles from the 12th through 17th centuries. An ornate octagonal canopy protects the high altar of the Templo dos Templares, modeled after the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, and the grounds of the convent contain eight cloisters embracing a variety of styles.

The Templars earned a reputation as ferocious fighters, and won the admiration and trust of both rich and poor. They served as protectors and transporters of Christian kings, power brokers and pilgrims and grew famous as bankers. The Templars acquired great wealth, but made many enemies in the process. Pope Clement V accepted accusations of heresy, blasphemy and sacrilege leveled against the Templars by Philip the Fair, king of France, and many Templars were imprisoned or executed. King Dinis of Portugal allowed them to regroup their forces under the new aegis of the Order of Christ. Prince Henry the Navigator became Administrator after the Templars became the Order of Christ and he used much their wealth to finance his explorations.

Tomar is divided by the River Nabão, the banks of which are dotted with weirs and wheels once used to water vegetable gardens and orchards. The irrigation techniques illustrate the Muslim tradition of hydraulic engineering. Most sights, accommodations and shops lie on the west bank of the river and the lush Parque Mouchão straddles the two banks. The ancient yet functional Ponte Velha (Old Bridge) connects the two. Tomar’s main shopping thoroughfare is rua Serpa Pinto, known locally as Corre Doura. Outlets for folklore, pottery, copperware and wrought iron highlight it. Tascas and bars are scattered throughout the city, with some offering live music.

Hotel dos Templários– Situated near the heart of Tomar’s Old Town, the Hotel dos Templários is the largest hotel in the district. Many rooms offer views of the Convent of Christ and the public areas, including lounges and terrace-view dining rooms, are spacious. The hotel offers room service, laundry, a barbershop, a beauty parlor, a billiards room and baby-sitting. There are wide sun terraces, indoor and outdoor pools, a tennis court and a greenhouse. The hotel also has large gardens. Rooms have air conditioning, private bathrooms, televisions and minibars. Free parking is available.

Visit to see photos of the hotel.

For more information on the area, please visit these web sites:

Convento de Cristo                                  Sacred Destinations

Tomar Tourist Guide                              Tomar Essential Guide

Tomar Weather


By train from Lisbon:

The trip from Lisbon to Tomar takes approximately 1½ hours. Upon arrival at the Tomar train station, taxis are available for the short (about one or two kilometer)r trip to the Hotel Dos Templarios.  RailEurope

By automobile from Lisbon:

The rental car companies will provide maps and driving instructions. Allow between 1-1/2 – 2 hours for the trip, depending on traffic. The hotel provides free parking.

Conference Fees and Registration

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