Nano- and Micromechanical Testing in Materials Research and Development III

An ECI Continuing Series

October 9-14, 2011
Hotel Gran Melia Salinas
Canary Islands, Spain



 Prof. Gerhard Dehm, University of Leoben, Austria

Conference Program

 Oral Presentation Abstracts

List of Posters

Poster Presentation Abstracts

Poster Award Winners

1st Place Awards

Christoph Tromas, Université de Poitiers, France

“Hardness and elastic modulus gradients in plasma nitride 316L polycrystalline stainless steel investigated by nanoindentation tomography”

Shelby B. Hutchens, California Institute of Technology, USA

“Deformation analysis of vertically aligned carbon nanotube bundles under uniaxial compression”

Peter J. Imrich, Erich Schmid Institute of Materials Science, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria

“Deformation behavior of miniaturized copper bicrystals and corresponding dislocation boundary interactions”

2nd Place Award 

Benoit Merle, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany

“Experimental determination of the effective indenter shape and epsilon factor for nanoindentation”

3rd Place Awards

Simone Schendel, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

“Investigation of the size dependent mechanical behavior of α-Fe and non-alloyed DC04 steel”

Jaya B. Nagamani, Indian Institute of Science, India

“Determination of fracture properties of (Pt, Ni) Al bond coats by microbeam bend tests”

Jiseong Im, POSTECH, Korea

“Dislocation plasticity of Au nanowires under strain gradient condition observed by in situ TEM compression”