An ECI Conference

May 24-29, 2015
Schloss Herrnstein
Herrnstein, Austria
 15AG schloss_hernstein

Conference Chair
Prof. Cristina Leonelli (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy) E-mail:

Conference Co-chairs
Prof. Waltraud M. Kriven (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA) Email:

Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany) Email:

Prof. Arie van Riessen (Curtin University, Australia)  Email:

Final Program with Posters     

Poster Abstracts   

Conference Proceedings

The Book of Proceedings of the ECI conference on Geopolymers 2015 titled

Geopolymers: The route to eliminate waste and emissions in ceramic and cement manufacturing (ISBN 9781326377328) is available on line for printing-on-demand ($46.86+ shipping costs) at the Lulu web site.

Also available as an eBook “Geopolymers: The route to eliminate waste and emissions in ceramic and cement manufacturing” with the ISBN code: 978-1-326-42359-9.

Conference Photos

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Below, left to right, Aldo Boccaccini, Co-Chair;  Cristina Leonelli, Chair;  Joseph Davidovits, Keynote Speaker;  Trudy Kriven, Co-Chair;  Arie van Riessen, Co-Chair


Student Award Winners

 1st Prize – Student Oral Presentation

Manuel Torres-Carrasco – Eduardo Torroja Institute for Construction Sciences, Spain

“Geopolymer preparation through waste glass as new alternative alkaline activator: Mechanical and microstructural behavior”

2nd Prize – Student Oral Presentation

Shizhe Zhang – Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

“Waste glass powder as partial binder precursor in geopolymer paste: A study on glass reactivity and gel formation”

1st Prize – Student Poster Presentation

Juho Yliniemi – University of Oulu, Finland

“Simultaneous alkali activation and high shear granulation”

2nd Prize – Student Poster Presentation

Lukas Arnout – KU Leuven, Belgium

“Properties of inorganic polymer cement from ferric and ferrous vitrified residues of plasma gasification”

General Information About ECI

Engineering Conferences International (ECI) is a global engineering conferences program, originally established in 1962, that provides opportunities for the exploration of problems and issues of concern to engineers and scientists from many disciplines.

The format of the weeklong research conference provides morning and late afternoon or evening sessions in which major presentations are made. Available time is included during the afternoons for ad hoc meetings, informal discussions, and/or recreation. This format is designed to enhance rapport among participants and promote dialogue on the development of the meeting. We believe that the conferences have been instrumental in generating ideas and disseminating information to a greater extent than is possible through more conventional forums.

All participants are expected both to attend the entire conference and to contribute actively to the discussions. The recording/photographing of lectures and presentations is forbidden. As ECI conferences take place in an informal atmosphere, casual clothing is the usual attire.

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