Polymer Reaction Engineering IX (PRE 9)

An ECI Conference Series

May 10-15, 2015
Meliá Paradisus Resort Cancun
Cancun, Mexico

Chair:  Professor Eduardo Vivaldo-Lima (UNAM, Mexico)

Dr. Jon Debling (BASF, USA)<
Dr. Fernando Zaldo-Garcia (COMEX, Mexico)
Professor John Tsavalas (University of New Hampshire, USA).

Final Program with Poster List

A special issue of Macromolecular Symposia (Volume 360, February 2016) dedicated to “Polymer Reaction Engineering IX (PRE-9)” has been released.

Poster Award Winners

Wiley-VCH Poster Award

David Victoria-Valenzuela – CIQA, Mexico
“Modeling of the auto-acceleration effect of free-radical polymerization: A new approach”

Wiley-VCH Poster Award

Katherine Stewart – University of Waterloo, Canada
“Selecting polymeric sensing materials for the detection of ethanol”

Wiley-VCH Poster Award

Pavel Ferkl – University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague
“Challenges in meso-scale modeling of polymeric foam evolution”

ECI David Chappelear Memorial Poster Award

Calista Preusser – Queen’s University, Canada
“Modeling and measurement of aqueous phase non-ionized acrylic acid/acrylamide co polymerization”






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