Advanced Membrane Technology VII

An ECI Conference Series

September 11-16, 2016
Maryborough Hotel and Spa
Cork, Ireland


Isabel C. Escobar, Professor, University of Kentucky, USA     (
Jamie Hestekin, Associate Professor, University of Arkansas, USA

Conference Program

Final Program and Poster List

Student Poster Award Winners

Andrew Colburn, University of Kentucky, USA
Nanofiltration and hybrid membranes for water reuse

Kaitlyn A. Dwelle, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
A coarse grained model for ion transport in microscale batteries

Bezawit A. Getachew, Yale University, USA
Self-healing properties of microcapsule-embedded and hydrogel-composite water filtration membranes

Jacob Hutfles, University of Colorado Boulder, USA
Roll-to-Roll nanoimprint lithography of polyethersulfone ultrafiltration membranes and fouling mitigation effects

Melinda Jue, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Microporous hollow fiber membranes spun from PIM-1

Marek Lanč, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, Czech Republic
Aging of polymers of intrinsic microporosity studied by sorption and permeation

Omar R. Lokare, University of Pittsburgh, USA
Fouling in direct contact membrane distillation during treatment of produced water from unconventional (shale) gas production

Ashutosh Rathi, University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA
Study of gas transport mechanisms in mesoporous membranes using dynamic means field theory

Lauren E. Reed, University of Arkansas, USA
Hollow fibers for artificial lung applications

Kevin Roberts, University of Arkansas, USA
Engineering of extracellular matrix scaffolds via hollow fiber cell culture

Conor G. Sprick, University of Kentucky, USA
Functionalization of silver nanoparticles on membranes and its influence on biofouling

Syed Usman Taqui, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Portugal
Comparative studies of ultrasound and membrane emulsification for the production of stable Perfluorocarbon-in-water nanoemulsions

Priyesh Wagh, University of Kentucky, USA
High-performance biomimetic membranes made using genetically engineered aquaporins

Lingling Xia, University of Connecticut, USA
Trimethylamine draw solute in osmotic heat engine for power generation

Na Yao, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA
Characterization of microporous ECTFE membrane after exposure to different liquid mediums and radiation

General Information

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The format of the weeklong research conference provides morning and late afternoon or evening sessions in which major presentations are made. Available time is included during the afternoons for ad hoc meetings, informal discussions, and/or recreation. This format is designed to enhance rapport among participants and promote dialogue on the development of the meeting. We believe that the conferences have been instrumental in generating ideas and disseminating information to a greater extent than is possible through more conventional forums.

All participants are expected both to attend the entire conference and to contribute actively to the discussions. The recording/photographing of lectures and presentations is forbidden. As ECI conferences take place in an informal atmosphere, casual clothing is the usual attire.

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