Advanced Ceramic Matrix Composites: Science and Technology of Materials, Design, Applications, Performance and Integration

An ECI Conference

November 5-9, 2017
LaFonda on the Plaza
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

About This Conference

Fiber-reinforced ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) are important class of materials for high temperature applications. Understanding of past and recent achievements and remaining unsolved issues in the area of CMCs is crucial for further research and development and applications.  Since CMCs are complex multi -disciplinary materials, it is critical that a forum such as this conference exists. It has been quite difficult to have an opportunity for deeper discussion and information exchange in the field of these CMCs related topics.

The conference on CMCs will be the first international meeting for information exchange through focused presentations and extensive discussions on this important area that is being implemented at a very rapid pace in aviation and power turbines. The meeting will provide a forum for stimulating information exchange for this cutting edge technology and its scientific achievements. Longer Invited talks from international experts and poster presentations on recent hot topics are planned during the meeting.

The meeting will cover all R&D and application aspects for CMCs: from materials development to applications as turbine components. Non-oxide based and oxide based CMCs are target materials of the meeting. Advanced ceramic fibers, processing, evaluation, performance analysis, quality control, degradation, and environmental barrier coatings (EBCs) are major areas of the meeting. Discussions on the research collaborations are also important subjects. In particular, invited talks from the industry related to the gas turbine applications will be sought to identify current issues and directions for future research. Since environmental barrier coatings are essential for higher temperature applications, one session will be directed towards their research,

Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Krishan Luthra, GE Global Research

Plenary Session-Confirmed Speakers:

Dr. Kuniyuki Imanari, IHI, Japan
Dr. Jay Lane, Rolls Royce Corporation
Dr. Krishan Luthra, GE Global Research,  Keynote
Dr. Lesia Protsailo, UTRC/Pratt & Whitney
Dr. David Shifler, Office of Naval Research

Invited Speakers-Confirmed

Dr. Nasrin Al Nasiri, Imperial College London, UK
Prof. Matthew Begley, UC Santa Barbara, USA
Prof. Krishan Chawla, University of Alabama, USA
Dr. Sung R. Choi, NAVAIR, USA
Dr. Michael Cinibulk, ARFL, USA
Dr. Jim DiCarlo, NASA, USA
Dr. Anindya Ghoshal, U.S. Army Research Laboratory, USA
Ms. Janet Hurst, NASA USA
Prof. Yutaka Kagawa, Tokyo University of Technology, Japan
Dr. Allan Katz, AFRL, USA
Mr. James (Doug) Kiser, NASA GRC, USA
Dr. Satoshi Kitaoka, Japan Fine Ceramics Center, Japan
Dr. Hagen Klemm, Fraunhofer-Institut fur Keramische Technologien und Systeme, IKTS, Germany
Prof. Walter Krenkel, University of Bayreuth, Germany
Dr. Natalie Kruk, Honeywell Aerospace, USA
Dr. Rajesh Kumar, UTRC/Pratt Whitney, USA
Dr. Kang Lee, NASA GRC, USA
Prof. Carlos Levi, University of California-Santa Barbara, USA
Dr. Daniel Mack, Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH, Germany
Dr. Dave Marshall, Colorado, USA
Dr. Peter Mechnich, DLR, Germany
Prof. Gregory N. Morscher, The University of Akron, USA
Prof. Masaki Narisawa, Osaka Prefecture University, Japan
Prof. Beth Opila, University of Virginia, USA
Dr. Craig Przybyla, ARFL, USA
Prof. Rishi Raj, University of Colorado Boulder, USA
Prof. Raj. N. Singh, Oklahoma State University, USA
Dr. Brian Sullivan, Materials Research & Design, Inc., USA
Michio Takeda, NGS Advanced Fibers, Japan
Prof. Haydn Wadley, University of Virginia, USA
Dr. Valerie Wiesner, NASA, USA
Dr. Dongming Zhu, NASA GRC, USA
Prof. Frank Zok, University of California- Santa Barbara, USA

Conference Organization

Chair:  Professor Yutaka Kagawa, Tokyo University of Technology, Japan


Dr. Dongming Zhu, NASA Glenn Research Center
Dr. Ram Darolia, GE Aviation (retired), USA
Prof. Rishi Raj, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA

Secretary:  Dr. Ken Goto, JAXA, Japan

Conference Program

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