Biochemical and Molecular Engineering XVIII

An ECI Conference Series

June 16-20, 2013
Beijing, China

Frontiers in Biological Design, Synthetic Biology and Processing: East Meets West


2013 Amgen Biochemical Engineering Award to Dr. Sang Yup Lee

2013 Biochemical Engineering Journal Young Investigator Award to Dr. Matthew DeLisa

Co-hosted by Beijing Pharma and Biotech Center (China) and Engineering Conferences International (USA)

Conference Chairs: 
Huimin Zhao (USA)
David Robinson (USA)
Tianwei Tan (China)

Honorary Conference Chairs: 
Daniel I.C. Wang (USA)
Pinkai Ouyang (China)

Advisory Committee Chairs: 
Weichang Zhou (USA)
Guoping Zhao (China)

Conference Program

Welcome/Introduction by Huimin Zhao

Poster Awards Presentation