PRE 7 Special Issue in Macromolecular Symposia

As with previous PRE conferences, a special issue of Macromolecular Symposia, Wiley-VCH, will be published containing papers from PRE 7. All papers will be peer reviewed. The deadline for submission of papers is June 19, 2009. That way, the papers will be reviewed and decisions made by mid-September 2009, so the special issue can appear by the end of 2009. Please follow the steps described below for submission of manuscripts:

Step 1: Submit your paper by June 19, 2009, using the web site
Authors have to register themselves first before submitting the manuscript. Guidelines are available in the help menu. If you have difficulty accessing these guidelines, please e-mail Prof. Alex Penlidis, the editor of the special issue, at and request a set of author guidelines for Macromol. Symp.

Step 2: After you access ‘Manuscript Central’ using the URL above, choose ‘Author Center’ and you will be led through a series of steps for your manuscript submission. You will have to select ‘PRE VII’, in order to identify the PRE 7 conference.

Thanks and best regards,
Alex Penlidis