Conference Presenters

Opening Session
Introduction: Larry A. Roesner and Peter Stahre, Conference Chairs
Keynote Addresses:
- Max Bacon (CN) - Integrated Planning for Sustainable Urban Water Resources
- Mr. Dreiseitl (GM) - The role of Water in Cities

Session 2 - Issues Involved in Urban Water Resources Management
Panel/Audience Discussion
- W. Swietlick, Federal Regulations USA
- B. D'Arcy, National Regulations UK
- B. Urbonas, Municipal Regulations, US
- B. Ellis, Science, UK

Session 3,4,6,7,10,12,13 - Case Studies in Europe and the United States
B. Wenk (US), Projects in the Arid West (Colorado)
B. D'Arcy (UK), Scottish Experiences with Stormwater Management in New Development
S. Tucker (US), Restoring the Platte River for Recreational /Aesthetic Use (Colorado)
N. Holmes (UK), Experiences of Integrated Stormwater Solutions in UK Urban Rivers
J. Jackson (US), Restoring the Tualitan River Basin Ecologically/Recreationally (Oregon)
B. Chocat (FR), French Experience with Stormwater Infiltration
E. Stecker (US), Integrating Ecology into Storm Drainage in a Office Park (California)
G. Raimbault (FR), French Experience with Porous Pavement
J. Murray (US), Improving the Community Value of Urban Streams in the Rouge River Basin (Michigan)
G. Bruins (NL), Integrated Urban Water Management in Enschede (Holland)
T. Richards (US), Restoring Urban Streams in Atlanta (Georgia)
H. Cussell (NL), Integrated Urban Water Management in Amsterdam (Holland)
L. Roesner (US), Integrating Stormwater Management into Urban Water Resource Planning in Orlando (Florida)
P. Mitchell (CH), Swiss Experience in Integrated Stormwater Management
R. Bishop (CA), The Joshua's Creek urban water resources management experience, paradigm for sustainability or slave to expediency?
W. Geiger (GM), Integrated Stormwater Management, Restoring the Emsher River in the Industrialized Areas
E. Watt (CA), Stormwater pond perceptions vs. realities: a case study.
T. Larsson (SW), Integrated Stormwater Management in Malmo
S. Fujita (JP), Restoring a Urban River in Tokyo for Community Use
P. Sulsbruck (DK), Danish Experiences in Integrated Stormwater Management
I. Laurence (AS), Canberra Stormwater Management: An Australian Case Study

Session 5 - Sizing Urban Runoff Treatment Controls
L. Roesner (US), Importance of Local Climatology
C. Pratt (UK), Design Guidelines for Porous Pavement
B. Urbonas (US), Design Guidelines for Swales, Infiltration Practices, and Extended Detention
E. Strecker (US), Design Guidelines for Retention Ponds, and Wetlands

Session 8, 10 - Integrating Stormwater Management with Other Programs
G. Ericson (S), Integrating Greenspace Planning and Stormwater Management
C. Anderson (US), Integrating Stormwater Management with Other Municipal Programs
C. Goransson (S), Aesthetic Aspects of Stormwater Management in the Urban Environment
W. Swietlick (US), Adapting Regulatory Programs to Achieve Sustainable Urban Water Resources
B. D'Arcy (US), Starting a National Stormwater Regulation Program in Scotland

Session 9 - Workshops Participant Brainstorming on Urban Water Systems for the 21st Century
J. Heaney (US), Exploring Alternative Urban Water System Possibilities for the 21st Century