Turbulent Heat Transfer - 2
Provisional Technical Programme

Oral Presentations
Poster Presentations

Sunday, May 31st 1998

16.00 - 18.00: Registration

18.00 - 18.45: Introductory Lecture:
Engineering and the Arts in Manchester: Past and Present.

19.00: Reception

19.30: Dinner

Monday, June 1st

08.30: Late Registration

08:45- 10.45: Session 1A - Heat transfer under simple shearing - 1
11.05 - 12.45: Session 1B - Heat transfer under simple shearing - 2

13.50- 16.00: Session 2 - Mixed convection in vertical flow

16.00 -17.45: Session 3 - Free surface flows

19.00: Reception

19.30: Dinner

Tuesday, June 2nd

08.45 - 10.45: Session 4A - Separated, impinging and recovering flows - 1

11.50 - 12.45: Session 4B - Separated, impinging and recovering flows - 2

*** Unscheduled early afternoon ***

15.30 - 16.30: Poster Session - 1

16.30 - 18.00: Session 5A - Horizontal, stratified flows - 1

18.30: Dinner

(Bus departs for optional downtown activities at 19.15).

Wednesday, June 3rd

09.00 - 10.30: Session 5B - Horizontal, stratified flows - 2

10.50 - 12.20: Session 6A - Engineering Turbulence Models - 1

*** Unscheduled early afternoon ***

  • 15.30 - 16.30: Poster Session - 2/Coffee

    16.30 - 18.00: Session 6B - Engineering Turbulence Models - 2

    18.30: Dinner

    (Bus departs for optional downtown activities at 19.15).

    Thursday, June 4th

    08.45 - 10.30: Session 7A - 3D separated flows - 1

    10.30 - 11.15: Poster Session 3/Coffee

    11.15 - 12.45: Session 7B - 3D separated flows - 2

    13.40 - 16.10: Session 8 - Large eddy simulation

    16.30 - 17.30: Session 9 - Conclusions

    18.00: Reception at Osborne Reynolds Exhibition

    19.30: Conference Banquet

    Friday, June 5th

    09.00 - 12.00: Optional laboratory tours/demonstrations at UMIST and the University of Manchester.

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    Papers to be Presented Orally at Turbulent Heat Transfer - 2

    The list below shows the corresponding author and an abbreviated paper title.

    Session 1: Heat Transfer Under Simple Shearing
    1.1 T J Hanratty Use of DNS to study Prandtl number effects.
    1.2 H Kawamura DNS of turbulent heat transfer in channel flow: Re number effects.
    1,3 K Suzuki DNS of spanwise turbulent heat transfer.
    1.4 D M McEligot Prediction of strongly heated internal gas flows.
    1.5 Y Hagiwara Modification of streamwise vortices by polymer solution.
    1.6 B. Lee Transitional flat plate boundary layer.

    Session 2: Vertical Mixed Convection

    2.1 P Poskas Exp't'l study of mixed convection in vertical annulus.
    2.2 Y Hattori Turbulent mixed convection along a vertical flat heater.
    2.3 J Li Buoyancy affected convection in a vertical tube.
    2.4 M A Cotton Variable property mixed convection: modelling results.

    Session 3: Flows with Interfaces
    3.1 S Banerjee Turbulent transport processes across fluid-fluid interfaces.
    3.2 J D Jackson Heat/mass transfer for vertical air flow with falling water film.

    Session 4: Separating, Impinging and Recovering Flows

    4.1 K Suzuki Dissimilarity of heat/momentum transfer in a disturbed boundary layer.
    4.2 D Wroblewski Periodic flow effects on heat transfer downstream of cylinder/wall junction.
    4.3 T Craft 2nd-moment closure applied to stagnation flow heat transfer.
    4.4 K Bremhorst Flow and heat transfer in pulsed reattaching radial jets.
    4.5 C C Cheng Computation of enhanced turbulent heat transfer in a ribbed channel.
    4.6 S He Velocity and temperature and fields in buoyancy opposed wall-jet.
    4.7. E Epik Heat transfer in relaxation zone after a local closed separation.

    Session 5: Horizontal Buoyant Flow
    5.1 P Roche A cryogenic experiment for Rayleigh-Bénard convection.
    5.2 K Hanjalic Transient analysis of Rayleigh-Bénard convection with RANS model.
    5.3 S H Peng SGS Models in LES of Rayleigh-Bénard convection.
    5.4 M Leschziner 2nd- moment modelling of heat/mass transfer in multiply stratified flow.
    5.5 B Ilyushin Modelling heat and momentum transfer in the PBL by coherent structures.
    5.6 Y Nagano Effects of rotation on unstably stratified turbulence.

    Session 6: Engineering Turbulence Models

    6.1 D Musielak Numerical simulation of transverse H2 injection into Mach 6.3 air flow.
    6.2 C A Li Modelling dynamic and thermal fields in flows with transpiration.
    6.3 T V Jones Modelling of film-cooling heat transfer using foreign gas.
    6.4 D Giebert Advance low-Re k- model.
    6.5 P M Wikstrom Explicit algebraic modelling of passive scalar flux.
    6.6 S Fu Anisotropic eddy-diffusivity model for scalar fluxes.

    Session 7: Measurement and Modelling of 3D Separated Flows

    7.1 X Cheng Naturally-induced convection in advanced reactor containment.
    7.2 B Launder Measurement of flow/heat transfer in blade cooling passages.
    7.3 B Bonhoff Experimental and numerical of heat transfer in ribbed cooling channels.
    7.4 H Iacovides Computation of flow/heat transfer in blade-cooling passages.
    7.5 E Meinders Vortex structure/heat transfer in flow over wall-mounted cube matrix.
    7.6 B P Axcell Heat transfer to a rotating ribbed disc.

    Session 8: Large-Eddy Simulation for Industrial Flow

    8.1 D Laurence LES and RANSE of turbulent flow in tube bundles.
    8.2 P Voke Application of LES in aeronautical flows.
    8.3 K Abe LES of passive scalar fields.
    8.4 G Grötzbach DNS and LES in the nuclear industry.

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    Poster Presentations and Animations - Turbulent Heat Transfer - 2

    The list below shows the corresponding author and an abbreviated paper title.

    V A Babenko Development of thermally stratified plane wake.
    K S Ball DNS of forced convection between rotating discs.
    G Bergeles Prediction of grid turbulence with multi-fractal cascade model.
    D J Bergstrom LES of natural convection in a vertical slot.
    D Blay Natural convection in a partitioned cavity
    L Boguslawski Effect of impinging-jet structure on heat transfer.
    Y S Chumakov Natural convection on an isothermal plate.
    T J Craft 2nd-moment computations of 3D thermal wall jet.
    G P Hammond Heat transfer in 3D wall-jets by thermal imaging.
    A Khalatov Flow and heat transfer on curved surfaces.
    B Launder Computation of 3D mixed convection in vertical annulus.
    P W Li Experiments on heat transfer in drag-reducing channel flow.
    S V Poroseva Turbulent diffusion in rotating pipe flow.
    S A Said Experiments on heat transfer in pulsating pipe flow.
    D P Sikovsky Application of scaling analysis to predict complex turbulent flows.
    A V Starchenko Modelling of heat exchange by turbulent flow of a suspension.
    H Y Sung Prediction of heat transfer in an impinging jet.
    G Sviridov Natural convection for a liquid metal in a horizontal tube under a
    magnetic field.
    Y Tian Experimental study of buoyant flow at low Reynolds number.
    N F Yurchenko Optimization of heat-transfer control based on receptivity approach.

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